ANN Exclusive: Hillary Clinton responsible for ZIKA?

In an exclusive interview with one of the Wikileaks hackers, the American News Network blog has uncovered a startling possibility. Did Hillary Clinton play a role in spreading the Zika virus?

Here is the transcript from our interview. We have kept the actual nameĀ of the man interviewed private and changed it to Ivan. As always, my name is Jonathan.



ME: Hey…are you there?

IVAN: Yes…yes.

ME: Okay, good! So can you give me an overview of major findings from Wikileaks about Hillary?

IVAN: Yes. She did many human rights violations and harmed many. I’m sure you have seen the latest news writings?

ME: Definitely.

IVAN: Hillary paid ISIS, is corrupt with the US election rules, has made deals with corrupt leaders, and was part of Zika. It is amazing that she is running [for] office in your country!

ME: Wait, Zika? That hasn’t been mentioned so far! Can you elaborate?

IVAN: Hillary Clinton was part of how the virus spread.

ME: How? This is important!

IVAN: We decided not to leak it, but since we must do everything necessary [to keep Hillary out?], I’ll tell you.

As the CDC says, Zika was found in 1947. But, what the government will not say is that Hillary agreed to a secret program called “Disease Population Reduction Compact” in 2003. The document has not been leaked, but it is on a schedule to be [leaked]. It says that the the US government must reduce population through disease. Hillary is a signer. One disease in [the] document is Zika.

ME: I don’t even know what to say. Thank you for the information!

[the conversation continues with discussion of already revealed information]

If true, Hillary would be liable for a many more deaths with Benghazi and other war crimes scratching the surface. This revelation will be of little surprise to those who understand that parts of our government have considered disease as population control in the past.

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